Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

WoW Addiction is Clinical

Clinical psychologist Maressa Hecht Orzack, Ph.D., recently compared World of Warcraft addiction to compulsive gambling. While most of you Wowaholics would like to deny this truth, just take it as a friendly warning from a professional clinician who hears from almost 10 compulsive WoW gamers daily. According to her, WoW addiction has gotten so serious that Wowaholics ignore friends, family, and work just so they can squeeze in more play.

Maressa Orzack is a clinical psychologist and Director of the Computer Addiction Study Center at McLean Hospital in Belmont, MA. She notes that addiction is a huge problem: "Look at the fact that World of Warcraft now has eight million people playing it. Even if there are just five or 10 percent who can't stop, that's a large percentage, and I hear from a lot of them."

One now sober WoW player, Splint, who is also an ex-guild leader shares his story, "My friends barely ever saw me. I'd turn down work if it'd run heavily into raid time, and I encouraged my guildmates to do the same." By the time he finally quit, Splint had spent 180 days playing WoW. For anyone who hasn't played WoW, that much playtime takes roughly two years to accumulate!!!

Splint's story is not uncommon. Just view the stories of WoW players on this site who sacrificed so much of their "real" lives to live in their WoW fantasy. One player left her husband. Another stole from her parent's business. Another one forgoes sex for WoW.

Dr. Orzack notes that when playing WoW, "the same reward center in the brain is tapped -- the dopamine system. Gambling has all the components that go with these games." She recommends that WoW players who are concerned about their addiction to seek advice from their doctor or online communities such as Wowaholics.org

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