Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

Quit WoW in 3 Steps

The following three steps are critical in quitting WOW.

1) Seek help. Tell others that you have a problem. You can start by telling the world that you have a WOW addiction on this board, or tell a close friend. This is Step #1 of the Alcoholics Anonymous program and arguably the most important and hardest step of quitting any substance or behavior of abuse - admitting that you have a problem.

2) Rewire your brain’s pleasure circuit. This idea is similar to how a nicotine patch helps smokers to quit. When quitting, try to keep the WOW neurons in your brain happy in order to avoid withdrawal symptoms. You can do this by reading about the WOW community, game development, and talking with friends about what’s going on in WOW. In doing this you are in essence exercising the WOW neurons in your brain, while disconnecting them from the pleasure comes from gaming and in essence boring them to death. These gaming pleasure circuits are the part of your brain that when activated by accomplishing a goal in a video game e.g. gaining a level, beating a boss.
- Another way to sabotage your brain’s WOW-pleasure circuits would be to pick up and get addicted to a different video game. If you take this approach, avoid other MMORPG’s which have the same addictive danger as WOW.

3) Be prepared for the cravings. the urge to smoke after quitting becomes greatest after about 3 days.at this point, when you are at highest risk of giving in, you need to have a plan on how to deal with your WOW craving. The BEST way is to be busy “leveling up” in real life.The same reward circuits are involved whether you are “leveling up” in WOW or getting promoted at your job. So do activities that are productive in the real world but allow you to have the same satisfaction of leveling up like getting fit, learning to cook, succeeding in school courses. One sure-fire activity gamers are likely to enjoy is martial arts. So try out a martial arts club such as ninjitsu, Kendo, or judo. You’ll not only learn to kick some ass, but also find a non-gaming way to achieve Flow, the “in-the-zone” energized focus you get when you’re fully immersed in Halo or Quake and totally unbeatable. You’ll also find that your fighting skill increases much faster in real life than in WOW.