Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

WOW Addict Videos (Thanks Kai!)

Kai submitted the following post which is a collection of excellent WoW addiction videos. I've reposted on the blog for posterity's sake.
Addicts Mum cancels his account and he has a fit.
Mild temper from lag.
Ex-Addict on becoming addicted to WoW.

Next Video: "A girl who played World of Warcraft died in real life and the friends she had met in the game planned an in-game funeral for her at the spot she liked to fish at in the game. They posted about the event on the message boards and urged people not to bust it up. I don't think I need to
explain what happened". This video is very sad for a variety of reasons: WoW Funeral

I'm going to break my disks today, after 8 months clean. I just couldn't do it when I first stopped playing...