Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

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Dopamine and WoW Addiction

Emily Yoffe at Slate has written a great article about why the Internet is so addictive. The primitive human desire to search for things - food and sex - is a powerful one that drives our will to live. The neurotransmitter - dopamine - underlies this will to search and according to Panskepp, a neuroscientist, humans are able to get just as excited about abstract rewards as tangible ones. This is where the connection to WoW addiction comes in...

WoW Addiction Intro

When does a casual WOW player become addicted?

A causal player tips towards addiction when the feeling of control that the player attains in their game environment and relationships starts to surpass the amount of control that they have in real life. At this point, WOW players begin to lose control of their WOW habit much the same way an alcohol drinker loses control of his drinking habit. He or she begins to lose control of how much time they spend playing and even the times the choose to play.

Should Doctors Treat WoW Addiction?

What if doctors were trained to recognize video game overuse and counsel their patients on moderation… Video game deaths similar to the death of a Korean male who died after playing StarCraft 50 hours straight can be prevented, and should be.

WoW Addiction Resources

There are many communities and resource centers online geared towards helping people fight their video game addictions. Below are some of our favorite sites:

WoWQuit.com : WoW Addiction Resources for parents

The Daedalus Project : Research on MMORPG's

Video-game-addiciton.net : Resources on video game addiction

WoWQuit.com : WoW Addiction Resources for parents

WoW Addiction is Clinical

Clinical psychologist Maressa Hecht Orzack, Ph.D., recently compared World of Warcraft addiction to compulsive gambling. While most of you Wowaholics would like to deny this truth, just take it as a friendly warning from a professional clinician who hears from almost 10 compulsive WoW gamers daily. According to her, WoW addiction has gotten so serious that Wowaholics ignore friends, family, and work just so they can squeeze in more play.

Defining Wowaholism

Comparing Wowaholism and Alcoholism
When discussing or learning about any disease, the first thing that must be done is to define what you are talking about. Before we try to define and understand Wowaholism, it will be helpful to understand the definition of Alcoholism, the disease from which Wowaholism and many other addicting behaviors - shopaholic, workaholic, chocoholic - coined their name from.

Quit WoW in 3 Steps

The following three steps are critical in quitting WOW.

1) Seek help. Tell others that you have a problem. You can start by telling the world that you have a WOW addiction on this board, or tell a close friend. This is Step #1 of the Alcoholics Anonymous program and arguably the most important and hardest step of quitting any substance or behavior of abuse - admitting that you have a problem.

WoW Addiction is Real

First, let me address the stubborn disbelievers who doubt that video game addiction even exists and would argue that many gamers simply game because they have nothing better to do or aren’t motivated to do anything else. The subject is beginning to be investigated scientifically, and researchers have found that gamers who spend more time playing video games than average gamers appear to have patterns of social dysfunction and extensive time usage similar to that of other addictive disorders like gambling. (1-4)